Dive into the storied past of Clan MacDonald, the oldest and largest of all Scottish clans. For nearly four centuries, Clan Donald dominated the west highlands and the Hebrides, wielding significant power as landowners and influential players in Scotland's political and military spheres. The clan's heritage is preserved through its eight main branches: Antrim, Ardnamurchan, Clanranald, Duunyveg and the Glens, Glencoe, Glengarry, Keppoch, and Sleat.


    MacDonald Clan Crest and Motto

    MacDonald Clan Crest and Motto


    Gaelic Name:  MacDhomhnuill

    Crest:  On a crest coronet Or, a hand in armour fessways couped at the elbow Proper holding a cross crosslet fitchée Gules

    Motto:  Per mare per terras (By sea and by land)

    Origin of Name:  Gaelic, Domhnull (World ruler)

    Badge:  Heather

    Lands:  The Western Isles

    Historic Seat:  Finlaggan Castle, Islay

    Clan Chief:  The Rt. Hon. The Lord MacDonald

    The MacDonald Clan Tartan is a vibrant symbol of their identity, worn with pride across generations. This iconic pattern, in both traditional and modern iterations, serves as a powerful emblem of kinship and cultural heritage, cherished during ceremonial occasions and everyday life.

    Discover the historic seats of Clan MacDonald, from the ruins of Finlaggan Castle on Islay, the ancient seat of the Lord of the Isles, to Armadale Castle on Skye, now home to the Clan Donald Centre and Museum of the Isles. Visit the remnants of Knock, Duntulm, Aros, Claig, Kildonan, Ardtornish, and Dunaverty castles, each standing as a testament to the clan's enduring legacy and tumultuous history.

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