Dive into the storied past of the Kennedy Clan, one of the most prominent and powerful clans in Scotland. With a history spanning over 800 years, the Kennedy Clan's legacy is filled with remarkable achievements, unsolved mysteries, and an indomitable spirit of courage, resilience, and unity.

Kennedy Clan Crest and Motto


Kennedy Clan Crest and Motto


Gaelic Name:  MacUalraig, Ceannaideach

Crest:  A dolphon naiant, Proper

Motto:  Avise la fin (Consider the end)

Origin of Name:  Gaelic ceannaideach (Ugly head)

Badge: Oak

Lands:  Carrick, Ayrshire, Lochaber, and Skye

Clan Chief:  The Most Hon. The Marquess of Ailsa

Carrick: The Heartland of Clan Kennedy

On the southwestern coast of Scotland, Carrick in South Ayrshire is the rugged homeland of Clan Kennedy. This harsh environment has shaped the clan's character into one of resilience and fierce independence. The stunning landscape of Carrick, with its towering cliffs, hidden coves, and lush green fields, has fostered a deep love for their homeland and a steely determination to overcome any obstacle.

Kennedy Clan: A Tapestry of Alliances, Conflicts, and Adaptation

After the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Kennedy Clan solidified their place in the newly formed nation. Their strategic alliance with the Stewart dynasty in the early 15th century, cemented through intermarriage, secured their position within independent Scotland. This partnership ensured the clan's continued prosperity and solidified their place among the Scottish nobility.

Symbols and Geography of the Kennedy Clan

The Kennedy Clan's heritage includes unique symbols and a diverse geographical presence through various branches:

  • Kennedys of Cassillis : Chiefs of the clan, residing at Cassillis House, with connections to Dunure Castle and Culzean Castle.
  • Kennedys of Kermuck : Known for their role as constables of Aberdeen.
  • Kennedys of Moray : Associated with the earldom of Moray through marriage alliances with Clan Cameron and the Scottish crown.
  • Kennedys of Bargany : Known for their distinct history and noted feud with the Chiefs of Clan Kennedy, highlighting the clan's diverse geographical reach.

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